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OCC Alert

Notice Recommended by the FDIC to inform and increase awareness of customers to

Internet and E-mail threats



In response to the increasing frequency, creativity and intensity of internet related schemes, Community State Bank has developed this disclosure to mitigate the chances of a Community State Bank customer becoming a victim of an internet related crime.

The ever-increasing fraudulent schemes known as "phishing" (pronounced fishing) have caused customers to disclose confidential information to third parties portraying themselves to be a trusted business or internet site. When the confidential information is obtained it can then be used to attempt identity theft, gain access to financial information or other illegal acts. The following points should be considered when solicited or confidential information:

  • A Financial Institution will not be sending e-mails that request confidential information, such as account numbers, passwords, or PIN's.
  • Financial Institutions should maintain current Web site certificates and describe how the customer can authenticate the Web pages by checking the properties on a secure Web page.
  • A Financial Institution's Web page should never be accessed from a link provided by a third party. It should only be accessed by typing the Web site name, or URL address, into the Web browser or by using a "book mark" that directs the browser to the financial institution's Web site.

If a customer of Community State Bank is solicited for any of the above information or feels they may have become victim to identity theft they should immediately contact Community State Bank at (515) 968-4131.

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